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Can I buy DCA via this website?

This side is directed to professionals in the healing area exclusively. If you are a patient without a license in medical therapy, don´t apply DCA by yourself and visit a local doctor specialized in DCA-treatment - to be found in our websearch.

Sorry - you can´t. We don´t sell DCA. We only provide information.

Deoxycholic acid is not a registered medicament in Germany at this stage. According to the german law we therefore donét sell this drug.

Deoxycholic acid is NOT Dichloracetate

Important note: Do not confuse Dichloracetate and Deoxycholic acid. Dichloracetate is a simople anorganic salt to be tested in human medicine. Deoxycholic acid is an organic molecule as a natural part of our hormone, gall and immune system. They have nothing in common.

Important note

Once again we have to emphasize, that a medical treatment of acute diseases with DCA should only be undertaken from a professional in medical business, who knows about the right indication, dosage and length of therapy.



DCA as a powder

The existence of DCA is known for about 100 years

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