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Become a DCA-therapist

You are a doctor, naturopath or any kind of worker in the medical field? You want to work on a professional base with DCA in therapy? So then use the option of becoming a DCA-therapist.

A complete course in therapeutic useage of DCA

The aim of the professional training is to obtain all basic knowledge and skills to use DCA in medical treatment. This training is designed for medical professionals that work officially in the health field. The teaching is based upon 40 years of experience in practical medical work with DCA as an immunity modulator. The trainer in the day-workshops is R. Vlcek, the son of Dr. B. Vlcek who discovered the meaning of DCA in our body. Elements of the DCA-therapist training are as followed.

The curriculum of the course


How to recognize the right indications and contraindications and being able to identify new diseases in order of a possible treatment with DCA.

: Applying the short active therapy methods to treat virus infections, inflammations and bad wound healing.
: Exact individually designed dosage of DCA in acute therapy. Choosing the proper applicational form (powder, capsules, etc.).
: How to identify and eliminate drug interferences.
: The use of methods in middle term active therapy to treat severe diseases.
: How to measure the level of DCA in the human body.
  Using passive long term therapy methods for gut restoration.
  Dealing with a weak unspecific immune system.
  Eliminate unhealthy intestinal populations and restore the intestinal flora.

The benefits of becoming a DCA-therapist


Having the training absolved you have all the knowledge needed to treat viroses, local inflammations and bad wound healing.

: As certified DCA-therapist you are free to participate free of costs in our switchboard and can easily be found from your patients.
: You obtain a free of charge admit to the DCA-forum, the DCA-community. Here you have the possibility to get further questions answered from other experts.

The online services are offered without liability to be kept up. They are based on the cooperation and participation of DCA-users. The operator reserves the right to start, to conduct or to finish this services in accordance to legal or economical criteria.


1) Inhouse-Trainings

: We offer inhouse trainings for groups of 6 people or more all over Germany - in case of bigger groups also all over Europe and overseas.
: In this case the organisation or the participants have to supply suitable facilities.
: The training fee is 190,- € plus VAT per person, but varies to the size of the group and the location / country of the training.
: The workshops can be offered in german or english.

There are special conditions for people that organize DCA-Workshops. Feel free to get more information by contacting us.

2) Trainings in the DCA-center in Germany

: The Professional Training is a saturday-workshop from 9.00 until about 18.00.
: The number of participants is restricted.
: The place of training is 83022 Rosenheim, southern Bavaria, Germany
: The workshop is held in german.
: The training fee is 190,-€ plus VAT per person.

The scheduled trainings can be seen on the german version of this side. Information about workshops in english can be obtained via email on demand.

3) Become a DCA-Therapist in self-study

: We provide you with elaborated self-study material to learn how to practically use DCA for yourself in your own work.

Afterwards, one extensive coaching session is included, to adapt the use of DCA to your own needs in your medical service.

: Then you have all you need to use DCA successfully in your terms..
: The tuition rate is 160,-€ plus VAT.

Use this option to become a DCA-Therapist - even overseas


The training material and counselling is given by Mr. Radim Vlcek, the son of the meanwhile passed discoverer of DCA in immunology - Dr. B. Vlcek.

Feel free to contact us for further information on becoming a DCA-therapist in self-study.


If you want to pay the fee for a training, use the PayPal® button below. PayPal® is a safe international payment system provided by ebay.

In european countries you can use general money transfer via IBAN / BIC numbers as well. Please order our bank details via email.


Become a DCA-therapist

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