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DCA – Die Überlebensformel ist in unserem Körper
Vlcek B., Edition Tomek, Verlag D. Fischer, Weingarten, 1989, 368 Seiten
ISBN: 3-923135-04-1

The original compendium on active therapy with DCA written by Dr. B. Vlcek himself. It covers all topics in theory around DCA-treatment . It is written to serve the needs of professionals. The standard reference in science. According to practical use of DCA it´s no alternative to a DCA-therapist training. The book was written more than 20 years ago, when the practical usage of DCA wasn´t elaborated to the actual standards.

The book is written in german. Currently not available.

Scientific publications

The following list contains important scientific publications that describe the mechanism of the activation of the unspecific immune system with DCA - and as well the practical use of deoxycholic acid as a medicament. Among them you will find clinical tests as well as small reports and new findings in theory.

1) The discovery of the so called pH-jump of the DCA molecule.
Vlcek B., Reif A., Budsky F.: Toxicity of deoxycholate at pH below 7.3 as potential cancerostatic property, Experientia 26, No.7, 776-778 (1970)

2) Practical findings, that patients with cancer have a low DCA level. First reports about a "undefined" immunostimulating role of DCA.
Vlcek B., Reif A., Seidlova B.: Evidence of the participation of deoxycholate in cancer immunity, Zeitschrift fÙr Naturforschung 26, No.5, 419-424 (1971)

3) Therapy of chronical viral inflammations with DCA.
Vlcek B., Chıle P.: Therapy of chronic viral affections with DCA, Advances in Antimicrobial and Antineoplastic Chemotherapy, Vol. I/1, 379, Urban & Schwarzenberg, MÙnchen (1972)

4) First stunning healing effects with virus based diseases.
Vlcek B.: Deoxycholic acid as a potential cancerostatic and antiviral factor, Advances in Antimicrobial and Antineoplastic Chemotherapy, Vol. II/1, 145-147, Urban & Schwarzenberg, MÙnchen (1972)

5) Description of a fast regression of herpes in 13 cases.
Chyle P., Vlcek B.: Therapeutic effect of DCA in chronic viral affections, Advances in Antimicrobial and Antineoplastic Chemotherapy, Vol. I/1, Avicenum, 379f (1972)

6) Further indications for the use of DCA in curing viral and bacterial infections and some types of autoimmune diseases.
Vlcek B.: Potentiation of the immune response with DCA, Praktickı L³kar 52, 326-330 (1972)

7) Very fast regression of herpes zoster in many cases (statistic significance)
Brana J., Healing herpes zoster with deoxycholic acid, Lecture on the 10th pharmacologic conference in Krakow, Poland, XI (1973)

Conference presentation Bradna, J.: Healing herpes with DCA

8) Presentation and lectures on a congress in Prague
Vlcek B. Perspektivy steroidnÕch imunopromotorÏ, (Lecture on the 23rd Pharmacological Days in Prague), Cs. Fysiol. 23, Nr. 4, 371-372 (1974).

9) Shortage of the healing process of herpes to an average of 2-2,5 days - found in 47 cases.
Chyle M., Chyle P.: DCA in therapy of herpes labialis, Cas. Lek. ces. 114, 1226-1229 (1975)

10) The course of hepatocirrhosis was significantly eased in 10 of 28 cases. Healing is not possible as it is an irreversible proceeding disease.
Fassati P., Fassati M.: DCA in therapy of hepatocirrhosis, Casopis L³karÏ ces. 114, 1222-1226 (1975)

11) Script to a small publication (not published in this form) of healing effects of DCA in 57 cases - mainly on dental issues and inflammations in the ENT area.
Dvorak, J.: 57 cases of neuritis, lymphadenitis, periodentitis, herpes, sinusitis and more, Augsburg, Germany (1979)

12) Further findings according to the activation of macrophages.
Chyle M., Chyle P.: Regulation of the immune response with DCA, SbornÕk L³kar 84, 212-218 (1982)

13) Treatment of 60 cases of herpes zoster with an average healing time of 2.5 days.
The healing effect could be even shortened down to 1.5 days minimum when using helping agents.
Bradna J.: Treatment of herpes zoster with DCA, Rehabilitacia 16, 77-86 (1983)

14) Description of the correlation of DCA in blood and urine.
Kolbeovà O., Chıle M., Chıle P.: DCA in urine as an indicator of health, Proc. 5th Gerontological Conferece Budweis, 53-60 (1984)

15) Stunning healings of therapy resistent operational wounds in 20 cases.
(It was the trial of a doctor to put a patent upon an effect of DCA that wasnÇt published till then.
MÙller K.-H.: Use of DCA to avoid problems in wound healing, Deutsche Patentanmeldung 3546360 (1985)

16) Healing of 107 cases of herpes simplex in 2.4 days.
Dolezal V., Chıle M., Chıle P.: DCA ¿ Therapy of viral infections, 2nd Symposium on Treatment of Viral Infections, Bechyne Castle, 56f (1988).

17) Medical study on treatment of mastopathy
previously undisclosed long-term study on treatment of mastopathy with DCA considering medical and physio-energetical conditions. The double blind study included about 300 patients. The number of patients that were healed or significantly improved their condition was up to 80%.
Bradna, J.: Mastopatie a virózy terapie biolasery a vztah ke geopatogenním zónám (2004)
study can be ordered via email

Successful treatment of hamsters with tumors with DCA

Articles and reports around DCA

This area is in progress.

1) DCA in Niuhuang (schisandra chinensis)
Theses days some other groups of scientists start to investigate the real function of DCA in our body. One example is a cancer research institute in USA that stumbled over the use of the herbal medicine schisandra chinensis in China that is known to heal inflammations and uplift the immune system. DCA is the main medical constituent agent!
Chen X., Oppenheim J., et. al., Regulatory effects of deoxycholic acid, Biochem Pharmacol., 63(3), 533-41, (2002)

2) Article in Science Online of The Lanzet
Read: http://www.thelancet.de/artikel/530223


The DCA-book by
Dr. B. Vlcek

Conference presentation P. Chýle: DCA und virus diseases

H-bridges of cytosin and DCA

The pH-jump of DCA

Generation of the DCA-dimer

Diverse undisclosed reports on DCA

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