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What is presented on this site?

This site is directed to professionals in the healing area exclusively. It coordinates the interests in use of DCA in medical therapy. The intention of this site is to introduce a growing number of professionals into the treatment with DCA. If you are a patient without a license in medical therapy, don´t apply DCA by yourself and visit a local doctor specialized in DCA-treatment - to be found in our websearch.

The knowledge of this site is based on 40 years of chemical research of a interdisciplinary team of scientists with the origin in the Karl University in Prague, Czech Republic.

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What is DCA?


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DCA is the short form of DeoxyCholic Acid, and belongs to the group of secondary bile acids which are transported in our enterohepatic circulation. We know about the existence of DCA for about the last 100 years, but the mainstream of conservative medicine has not understood the role of deoxycholic acid yet - apart of its property in fat digestion and some other minor facts.

According to the state of the science DCA is a harmless, but also a useless natural substance to be soon wiped out by evolution. But in truth deoxycholic acid is a main immunity stimulator in our body, our immunity vitamin.

DCA -tetramer

Deoxycholic acid is produced by special bacteria of the intestinal flora. Afterwards it gets spread out all over the body, and can be found in all our tissues. It patrols throughout the whole body as a kind of a health cop. If DCA stumbles across a local inflammation or a cancer cells (specifications), it activates immediately a strong local immune response. The part of the immune system that is immensely boosted by DCA is the so called unspecific immune system, and it is based on the macrophages.

If we have a sufficient level of DCA in our body, we own a strong defence against primoinfections and a bunch of different diseases. If our DCA-level is low, we risk an insufficient immune response and get vulnerable against diverse microbes and diseases. This way DCA can be called our "immunity vitamin" - even if the chemical structure of deoxycholic acid is different to those of vitamins.

How do we treat a disease with DCA?

Treatment with DCA can be undergone in two ways, dependent on the healing issues an disease we have to deal with.

Passive Therapy
If we have a partly disturbed immunity, we can reinforce our own DCA-production with several treatments. As a main step in most cases we have to improve our gut flora as DCA is produced by several types of gut bacteria.
Naturopaths realized the obvious correlation of a healthy intestinal flora and a strong immunity. Indeed they have very good healing results by restoring the intestinal flora, and so indirectly repairing the DCA-dependent part of the immune system.

Active Therapy
If we are already sick, we can boost our primary immune response simply if we substitute missing DCA for a short time with external dose of deoxycholic acid.
This way a starting disease is fought back in the very beginning of the battle. DCA works very quickly and effective. An example: Indicated fresh inflammations (as herpes or many urologic diseases) heal in big parts or totally in two to three days ¿ in total harmony with the needs of the body. Deoxycholic acid speeds up the natural healing mechanism of the body many times over.

Which diseases can be healed with DCA?

Deoxycholic acid is not a magic potion. The special thing about DCA in medical therapy is the fact that many of the illnesses responding to the immunity vitamin can be found among the so called civilizational diseases or diseases where a proper medicament hasnÇt been developed yet. If we take a loo around the diseases responding very well to a DCA treatment, we find in first place:


Virus infections as herpes, chickenpox or encephalitis

: Bacteria induced inflammations like of the middle ear, the kidneys, the tendons or the urinary tract
: Problems in wound healing (e. g. in traumatic insuries, operation wounds)
: Divers neuralgia
: Cancer -Some manifestations of cancer can be treated with DCA

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