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Treatment of diseases with DCA

This side is directed to professionals in the healing area exclusively. If you are a patient without a license in medical therapy, don´t apply DCA by yourself and visit a local doctor specialized in DCA-treatment - to be found in our

There are two main fields of practical application of the knowledge about DCA in medical use. The first one is its use as a substantial tool to treat acute inflammations and several other diseases - the so called active therapy. The second one is a restoration of our intestinal flora. We call it passive therapy.

> Active Therapy - Treatment of acute diseases with DCA
> Passive Therapy - Restoration of our intestinal flora

Active Therapy - Treatment of acute diseases


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If we are falling ill in the initial stage of a disease that belongs to the indicational spectrum of DCA, we can conclude that our DCA level is too low, so our primary immune response can not cope up with the invaders. In this case we can use DCA as a naturopathic medicament to substitute the missing DCA in our body. This is the same way as using vitamin C to cure scorbute. This way we achieve is an immense local immunity boost which can defeat the illness in the initial stage very efficiently.

We have to emphasize once again, that DCA is not a magic potion. The use of DCA is of course limited to a group of illnesses which are named in the indications part of this site. The miracle about DCA is the speed and effectiveness of its healing power. This can only occur because of an acceleration of the natural immunity response. DCA is not an unphysiological synthetic medicament to ease the symptoms - it is a natural substance to speed up our immune system and to activate the natural healing power of our body.

The effects of DCA in substitution therapy are without exaggeration stunning, comparable with the dosage of vitamins in a cure of a vitamin deficiency. The healing process starts 4-6 hours after a first dosage of DCA. About 12 to 24 hours later in most cases the main symptoms of the disease are gone or are found in a state that doesn't bother the patient seriosly (no pain, the swelling has gone down, etc.). The symptoms fade because of the substantial cure of the cause of the illness.

A serious substitutional therapy with DCA is only necessary if there is an acute illness going on. Under professional supervision and with the right indication and handling, therapy with deoxycholic acid is free of problems. DCA belongs to the body as any other vitamin or hormone, and there are regulation systems to cope up with different amounts of DCA. Dr. B. Vlcek developed a cleverly thought out manual for DCA-therapy with elaborated instructions for the dosage of DCA in treatment of acute diseases. This way a highly successful treatment is possible and we teach it in our workshops for medical experts. Use the option to become a DCA-Therapist.

Passive Therapy - Restoring intestinal flora


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If we are prone to illnesses in the DCA spectrum (see also stages of DCA avitaminosis in the previous chapter), than we have to care about the basic function of our primary immune defence. There are three main keys existing to understand the principles of activating the unspecific immune system with DCA.


The first thing to maintain a healthy DCA level is to ensure a sufficient DCA production in our gut. As we know that DCA is produced by certain intestinal bacteria, first we have to take care for an individually well maintained intestinal flora. Here we have to learn about probiotic nutrition and how to handle harmful chemicals in everyday life.

Second we have to protect the circulating DCA in our body, so it can reach every place in our body to be able to do its job. The third thing is to enable deoxycholic acid to activate the macrophages. Several drugs and contraindicated medicaments can lower the effect of the macrophage activation of DCA by obstructing the receptors of the macrophages.

If we have a good production, circulation and activation of DCA, we have a solid base for our initial immunity. If we use the knowledge about DCA properly, the final aim is not a long term DCA substitution, but mainly a reorganisation of the intestinal flora and a probiotic lifestyle, to get a sufficient or even superb own supply of our immunity vitamin. If we manage that, the reward is an iron constitution that many of us know only from their children or grandparents. We give detailed instructions to the approach to passive therapy in our professional workshops.


DCA: The body's answer to inflammations and cancer

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