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Indications and contraindications

This side is directed to professionals in the healing area exclusively. If you are a patient without a license in medical therapy, don´t apply DCA by yourself and visit a local doctor specialized in DCA-treatment - to be found in our websearch.


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The diseases that react upon a treatment with DCA (or not) can be well assorted into indicational groups, according to the characteristics some diseases have in common. If you are dealing with an illness that is not listed on this site, you can assess the healing effect of DCA by comparing the characteristics of the disease with the attributes in the following indicational classes.

Group 1: Best indication: Viral inflammations with a local focus
Examples: Herpes, neuritis, shingles, chicken pox or new warts.
Findings: We can obtain analgesia and resolve the swelling after only 12-24 hours. It is possible to heal up the main symptoms of the illness in two to three days.

Group 2: Good Indication: Fresh Anaerobic bacterial inflammations with a local focus
Examples: Inflammation of wounds, inflammations of the urinary tract, nephritis, pyelitis or concomitant symptoms of influenza as inflammations of the middle ear or angina.
Findings: Very young bacterial inflammations react upon DCA as well as viral ones. But it is important to know that this presumes the fact, that there is no (or only littel) pus in the seat of the inflammation.

Group 3: Possible Indication: Several types of cancer
Examples: Cancer in the kidneys, the lymph nodes, the genitals and in connection with melanomas and neuroblastomas
Findings: Cancer cells behave compatible to the immune mechanism of the unspecific immune system and build up sour local foci. But it is important to say as well that only several types of cancer react upon DCA. The process of building up metastasis can be retarded and stopped as well.

Group 4: Possible symptom healing: AIDS
Examples: KaposiÇs sarcoma in the beginning, lymphadenopathy syndrome (LAS), AIDS-related-complex (ARC)
Findings: Some characteristic symptoms of the commencing clinical picture of AIDS can be found between the diseases that can be cured with DCA. We can assume a medicinal benefit of deoxycholic acid on parts of the AIDS syndrome. But it is not possible to fight the virus itself globally.

Group 5: Side indication: Disharmony of the vegetative nervous system
Examples: Calming effects as well as a help to the regulation of the bowl or normalization of the blood pressure ¿ simply said opposite effects of the stress hormones.
Findings: As we explained before ¿ deoxycholic acid is a bile acid, and the same time a part of our hormone system. The DCA molecule can dock on the receptors of the autonomous nervous system an cause effects on it. It is competitive to the corticoidal system and has more of a kind of a harmonizing effects on our condition.

Group 6: No indication: Several diseases ... like influenza
Examples: To destroy the magic potion image of DCA once again ¿ the most diseases that are found around the world can not be combated with our immunity vitamin. Some of these illnesses have no local focus where macrophages could cumulate like the common cold. Some do not lower the pH-value of the blood far enough like hepatitis and some have agents the unspecific immune system seems to be not really responsible for like prions or all kinds of mycosis. DCA is as well helpless if it comes to aerobic bacterial infections like pneumonia, leprosy, pestilence. Apart of that most of the diseases in the third world countries cant be fought with DCA like malaria, cholera, typhus or the yellow fever.

Group 7: Difficult indication: Rheumatism and autoimmune diseases
Examples: rheumatism, many chronic and autoimmune diseases
Findings: DCA is problematical if it comes to cure diseases, where an overshooting immune system is the cause of the problem itself. If we treat somebody in these cases, the symptoms tend to get worse in the beginning. But it gives us the possibility to heal autoimmune diseases that are residues from incompletely healed infections or rheumatism in some cases by guiding the patient through a dip of aggravation to a state of better health or even complete well-being.

Group 8: Contraindication: Asthma, allergies and neurodermatitis
Examples: Allergies, asthma, neurodermatitis, lupus erithematodes or gout.
Findings: If we treat with DCA, the symptoms of the disease raise for one or two days, and we gain no healing effect at all. To ease the symptoms of these illnesses we need the opposite hormonal substance to DCA - the corticoids. And on the other side every doctor can tell you that you have to avoid corticoids when treating a virus infection like herpes.

Important single indications


Acne is a collective name for diverse manifestations of bad skin. If we take acne vulgaris to be more precise, a common trigger can be a bad diet as well as a change in the hormone system in puberty ¿ and there are other causes as well. Acne is commonly a small inflammation in the skin, and this way it reacts in a positive way on a DCA treatment, and it disappears for a while.

The problem is, that in most cases a bad immune system is not the reason for acne, so a DCA cure is not a causal treatment. If we take acne in puberty as an example, the raise of the DCA antagonist progesterone as well as cortisone just changes the hormonal balance, and with the same amount of DCA in our blood we get a lower effect on our immune system. So the lever for substantial healing is somewhere else.

Adenoids (inflammations)

Inflammations of the adenoids are often viral inflammations that start with a pus-free phase or stay pus-free. They react very well to a DCA treatment as they fulfil perfectly the prerequisites for a cure with deoxycholic acid. They build up sour local foci (in opposite to some big organs like the liver) and have a strong accumulation of immune cells. Good examples for this category are mumps, cytomegaly or lymph node inflammations.

Excellent healing effects can be seen especially when treating mumps (virus inflammation of the salivary gland in the ear). The pain relieves overnight, the swelling disappears and the restoration of complete health is very quick. In several cases there were also some good results reported about curing lymph node inflammations caused by HIV.


Let us talk about the Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome that is caused by the HIV virus (Human Immunodeficiency virus, also known under different other manifestations and names as LAV, HTLV-III). In this case we catch it through getting in contact with a body serum, especially with blood and sexual activities. Then we have the virus in our body ¿ we are HIV positive.

The initial stage after the infection is not spectacular with only little or no external symptoms at all. The virus directly penetrates into host cells and starts (what is characteristic for every virus) to multiply immensely. Our defence system reacts immediately and fights back the first assaulting wave efficiently. The immune system wins the first battle, but the war has just begun. In this body world-war, the enemy has three unfair advantages:


The HIV virus has an incredible multiplication speed, so we get flooded with the virus very quickly.


The AIDS virus has a relatively imprecise reproduction, so together with the fact of a high multiplication rate, we get a high amount of mutants. This ongoing mutation makes the virus detection for our immune system pretty tough.


The main advantage of the enemy is, that it attacks directly immune cells and destroys them. That means according to the specific immune system that the T4-cells get reduced in first place, so the killer cells donÍt get any antigen data from them anymore ¿ the specific immune system crashes. The same time HIV destroys the macrophages, so the unspecific immune system goes down as well. At the stage both immune systems lie on the ground, the full picture of AIDS will develop, and the patient will probably die on a disease, that he would even come across with a normal immune system.

To know about the interventional possibilities we have with deoxycholic acid, we have to know in which phase of disease the patient is at the moment. In the first acute stage where the ill moments last for several weeks, we have local symptoms like lymph node swelling or infectious skin rashes that give us the option to boost our local immune defence with deoxycholic acid. Some few cases were reported, where DCA showed up to be a profound cure for these symptoms. In the following symptom free stage that lasts for two to fifteen years (or in few cases forever?) we deal with a chronic state. There is no anchor for the DCA activation as we have no local focus. This way DCA treatment gives no sense, and there is no reason to assume that it would stop the diminishing of the T helper cells from about 1000 per micro litre blood down to 20. The closer we get to the last stage of AIDS, the less macrophages we can count in our bloodstream. In the end there is nothing DCA could activate, as the unspecific immune system is destroyed by then.

So what is the conclusion? If we are dealing with accompanying diseases of the AIDS syndrome in the first and second stage (that lay in the DCA spectrum), we have a chance to cure them with a DCA treatment. The positive results which were reported from doctors were successful treatment of lymph node swellings (fresh ones), KaposiÇs sarcoma in the beginning, lymphadenopathy syndrome (LAS), AIDS-related-complex (ARC) and generalised virus infections as encephalitis. Further we can assume the DCA will affect also other sub-infections with local inflammations as warts and herpes that evolve by the side. Deoxycholic acid is totally helpless to cure diseases that happen in the third stage as mycosis, pneumonia, protozoa infections. There are not enough macrophages to be activated and the types of these illnesses are mostly not in the indicational spectrum of DCA. How for deoxycholic acid touches the HIV virus itself ¿ thatÍs a good question weather to know.


This is an inflammation of the tonsils and their surroundings, mostly caused by bacteria (often streptococci), sometimes also viral. If somebody has a lot of trouble with angina, the still applied method to cure this state is to remove the tonsils. From the immunological point of view it is a bad idea, cause they seem to be a local immunity centre.

Deoxycholic acid works excellent in the cure of angina, the healing starts only about 6 hours after the first dose of DCA. Very important is to start the cure immediately at the first day of the inflammation. Afterwards the activation of the macrophages gets heaps more difficult, as the inflammation herd gets too alkaline from the pus. Then only a gradual healing is possible.


As an introduction I will present an interesting statistical fact that couldnÍt be interpreted sufficiently till now. Practical findings show that vulnerability to cancer differs along the life pathway quite a bit. When we are born, our cancer resistance is pretty low up to the age of about 18 months. Then it is very high up to puberty where there is a small setback. When we are adults the cancer resistance is normally pretty good, and slowly declines with the raise of our age. From the DCA point of view one interpretation is obvious. A baby has no intestinal flora, and therefore no DCA production till about 18 months, when it starts to crawl around and collect bacteria from the environment. The child has a healthy DCA induced unspecific immune system till puberty, where antagonist sexual hormones obstruct parts of the DCA activation of the macrophages. Then as an adult the state of the body is stabilised, and only the normal aging process with a slower regeneration of the cells can break down immunity.

Cancer is simply said a container term for quickly growing tumour focus in the body that produces metastasis. It is a difficult indication for the acute therapy with DCA, but a possible one. We can assume that each day cancer cells grow in our body, but they are eliminated very quickly and quietly with the force of our unspecific immune system. I have to emphasize that macrophages seem to possess the capacity to detect every cell that doesn´t fit any more in the structure of our body. The cancer cells start only to be a problem when this balance of genesis and destruction is disturbed by one of the following causes:


The amount of cancer cells raises rapidly as a result of an exogenous reason as radioactive radiation or toxins in our environment.


The patient has a genetically higher disposition for cancer


The hormone system is in imbalance caused by reasons like constant high stress (raise of corticoids)  - in consequence the function of the DCA activation of the unspecific immune system is lower.

4 The DCA production is very low. Medical publications show that nearly all cancer patients have a bad composition of the intestinal flora a so called dysbacteria.

In combination of several causes (or sometimes only because of one cause) the weakened unspecific immune system cant handle the growing number of cancer cells any more we get the clinical picture of cancer.

If we simplify once again our look at a tumour, we find a pile of degenerated cells that behave in a certain way as inflammations. They build up local foci and have a sour surrounding around them, so two main requirements for a DCA treatment are fulfilled. The experience with treatments of cancer show that DCA really can reach tumours in our body. But in many cases the treatment is obstructed by one of the following issues. Many patients suffer on alkalosis (the blood gets more alkaline) that makes the activation of the DCA molecule more difficult. In general the tumours tend to be less sour and active after a chemical or radiation therapy, and this way they are more difficult to be detected. And in most cases the tumours we deal with have grown for a while, and are less sour than in the beginning. The mass of a tumour tissue that can be eaten up by the immune system is limited as well. If it is too big, an operation seems to be necessary.

But in spite of all the problems named above some great results were reached by using DCA for cancer therapy. Some cancer types could be healed completely, and the patients were so thankful for the cure that some of them are the most devoted collaborators in the DCA project. In the meanwhile a lot more than hundred cases of breast cancer have been successfully treated in Czech Republic with DCA. The logic of the mechanism of the unspecific immune system activation makes it sensible to try DCA in these cases, where spontaneous healings of cancer were reported. This is known in cases of cancer in the kidneys, the lymph nodes, the genitals and in connection with melanomas and neuroblastomas. On the other side there are many shapes of cancer that DCA doesn´t seem to affect at all. In this group we find tumours without localisation as leukaemia or tumours in alkaline spots of the body like the organs liver or lung.

After over thirty years of practical experience with treatments of cancer with DCA the scientists came to a simple rule of thumb: The person that has a sane gut flora and is not exposed to a high dose of cancerogenic substances or rays, is unlike to develop cancer.

Chicken pox

Chicken pox represent a primary infection with the varicella zoster virus. DCA shows here once again how superb it ca be when healing fresh virus infections with a sour local focus. The duration of the diseases is cut down from two weeks to several days, two to three days with normal symptoms, afterwards only little dried up pustules.

There are enough meaningful results here to say that is an excellent indication for DCA. Important to know is the fact, that DCA should not be taken in the first two days of the disease if the patient wants an immunisation. If it is taken to early, the reaction of the unspecific immune system is too fast for the specific immune system that cant develop antibodies and build up an immunisation.

Encephalitis and Meningitis

Inflammations of the encephalon (encephalitis) and the cerebral membrane (meningitis) can be caused in many different ways. Common ones are infections with viruses (ticks), with protozoa (bilharzias), but also with bacteria or other pathogens.

DCA has a good, in some cases excellent effect if the inflammation has a viral origin. There are some cases of tick induced encephalitis where profound healing effects were reported. We assume as well a curing effect on cases with a bacterial origin.


We are dealing in this case with the herpes simplex virus and can subdivide into the manifestation of subtype one that is normally found in the facial area, or subtype two that causes symptoms in the genital areas of our body.

Herpes is one of the best indications for the use of DCA in acute therapy. There are many reports about the stunning effect of deoxycholic acid in treatment of fresh herpes, some with series of experiments with up to 400 people (see also publications). The reactivity of herpes varies between 12 and 24 hours on the dividing line between the skin and the mucous membrane up to four days to if the herpes is directly in the mucous.

Middle ear (inflammation)

The causative agents of the inflammation of the middle ear (otitis media) are in most cases bacteria. Fresh infects react very well to a treatment with DCA, the pain disappears in 12 to 24 hours. The reactivity of otitis is comparable with the one of angina. But that means as well, that we only have a real chance to treat a fresh infection before pus builds up.

In this case also children were treated efficiently, the pain relieved overnight when the cure with DCA started in the evening. And by the side ¿ we also have a report about the cure of an otitis of a dog. That is only logical if we know that all higher mammals have a DCA induced activation of the unspecific immune system.


Neuritis is a collective name for diverse symptoms of irritations and inflammations of the nervous system. The symptoms vary according to the origin, that can be for example virus infections (herpes, tick encephalitis) or results of mechanical causes (compression of nerves as a result of problems with intervertebral discs). Some of them like the trigeminus-neuritis can cause a lot of pain.

If we have a real inflammation of the nerves, deoxycholic acid can be an effective way to treat them. It is a good indication as all important prerequisites for the use of DCA are fulfilled. There are some reports about effective healings with deoxycholic acid. The same time it is very important to keep the cause of the disease in mind. It makes no sense to treat pain caused by a bad vertebrae with DCA.

Pink eye and stye

If we deal with infections and inflammations of the eye, we stumble first over two very common ones ¿ the pink eye (conjunctivitis) and the stye (hordeolum). The have both different causes.

When we take a closer look at the stye, it is often caused by mechanical reasons or being too much in a draught. The stye seems to react well in the beginning, but wasnÍt investigated till now, as it is normally a short and harmless disease.

Conjunctivitis has normally a different origin, often in the form of an infectious disease, sometimes also when being exposed to a lot of dust, especially when being allergic. It is not clear if the pink eye reacts to a treatment with DCA.


The symptoms of shingles are painful reactions in a muscular branch as well as a seed of a herpetic blisters, often followed by post herpetic pain syndromes. Shingles are caused by the varicella zoster virus that is identical with the pathogen of the chicken pox. In most cases it is a revival of a the virus we are carrying with us since childhood.

If we treat this illness with DCA at the very beginning, we wounÇt get neuralgic pains. If we treat later, possible pain relieves and disappears soon, the blisters dry and pale in few days. It is possible to heal all the unpleasant symptoms of shingles within only two to five days ¿ depending how early we start the treatment. There are clinical tests existing where highly significant healings were underdone on 60 patients.

Tendosynovitis - tendovaginitis

In this cases we talk about local inflammations in areas of the tendons. They are pus free and build up local foci pretty suitable to react on a DCA treatment.

Treatment was undergone with inflammations of the tendons caused by stereotypical mechanical stress mostly in the wrists ¿ like al lot of sewing, or students that stressed their writing hand. The effects of DCA were pretty good, even if there were only some cases reported. A complete healing of the pain occurs after about 24 to 36 hours after the cure starts ¿ no matter how big the initial pain was.

Urinary tract (inflammations)

There are diverse inflammations of the urinary tract that are very common, mostly induced when being exposed to cold weather. Women are more prone to them ¿ simply because of their physical constitution, and also because of the actual fashion exposed belly (that can lead up to nephritis). We talk about diseases like cystitis, pyelitis or nephritis.

Mostly the germs are bacteria, sometimes viruses as well. As far as we start the cure with DCA in the very beginning of the illness, we go for a home match. The pain relieves after about one day (or overnight), if the urine was polluted, it purifies. The therapy with DCA has a high success rate. In a small study with 21 patients all cases could be cured with deoxycholic acid.


Warts (verruca) are caused by a virus. The inflammation foci are in the end small benign tumours.

As long as the wart is in the growing phase, DCA works very well. But when the wart is fully grown, the focus looses its sour reaction and the activation of DCA is no longer possible. Therefore DCA doesnÍt work here any more. There are many successful cases reported from patients and doctors.


Wounds mean in this context simply mechanically injured skin and the tissues below. It was practically found out that DCA supports a quicker wound healing. It seem that the macrophages cooperate with granulation modulators and other mechanisms that are responsible for restoring processes of the body tissues.

If we use DCA, on one side the regeneration process seems to be quicker than usual ¿ but this effect is only moderate. What is more important is the fact that we prevent an inflammation of the wound ¿ or heal it, if it already has occurred. This effect can be so stunning, that a doctor handling operations in the dental area tried to put a patent on the treatment with DCA (see also publications page). We recommend to use DCA if an inflammation is going to start, not from the beginning as a prevention, that we use the momentary capacities of the body in first case.




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