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How does DCA act in our body?

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On this page you will get substantial information about the essential mechanism of your DCA-based primary immunity response.

The discovery of immunity modulation
> The role of DCA in our immune defence
> Stages of immune deficiency

The discovery

DCA stands for DeoxyCholic Acid. It is known for about 100 years as a substance occurring naturally in the body. DCA is classified in the medical category of secondary bile acids. What we know of the bile acids is their big role in fat digestion. In traditional western medicine no further important roles seem to have an impact on the nature of bile acids. But if we look a little bit closer on DCA, we discover that it has a completely different physiological behaviour in our body than the other secondary bile acids. That is only logical, if we allow the idea that deoxycholic acid has a totally different (second) function in our body than it was known till today.

The main function of DCA was discovered 1967 by a group of Czech scientists under the leadership of Dr. Bohuslav Vlcek. It is due to him, that we have now this profound knowledge about one major function function of our initial immune defence. Back in the late sixties, Dr. Vlcek was the one of the heads of the chemistry department of the venerable Karls University in Prague, Czech Republic, and the designated successor of the Nobel prize winner Prof. Heyrovsky. The investigations of this scientist and his group were the start up of a new understanding of how our unspecific immune system works. The main discovery lies in the fact, that DCAs main function is the role of a immunomodulator, that controls the activation of our unspecific immune system. Later a second function of DCA was obvious as a global player in the hormonal balance of our body.

Both these functions of deoxycholic acid are not recognized in traditional western medicine till now. Sometimes DCA is even supposed to be a useless mistake of the nature, a senseless remainder of evolution. Therefore the most important use of deoxycholic acid in medical areas is the application as a choleretic or in nutrition as an emulsifier.

But nowadays even in industrial nations we start to realize, that the role of DCA in our body is different. It has to be emphasized that many cultures use naturopathic medicine based on herbs which contain natural deoxycholic acid to treat exactly the diseases you will find on the indication list on this site. The Chinese people for example use for possibly thousands of years a naturopathic medicament called
Niuhuang (herb extract of schisandra chinensis) to treat inflammations and immune deficiency. The latest findings show, that DCA is the main component in this traditional medicine.

All theses findings point to the function of deoxycholic acid as a immunomodulator.

The role of DCA in our immune defence

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DCA is a substance that soaks all tissues of a healthy human body. It patrols the body in a physiologically inactive form. But when it stumbles over a local inflammation focus or a tumour (the blood around both of them is slightly more sour), it changes its structure to a physiologically highly active form, and starts to pass membranes of macrophages.

The part of the immune system DCA works with is the so called unspecific immune system, mainly dominated by the macrophages the biggest immune cells we own. This system is the task force with the duty to build up a first defence wall towards incoming infections. Scientific research focused the last decades on the specific immune system (carried by the lymphocytes, the antibodies and so on), with the idea to develop new vaccinations for dangerous diseases and similar tasks. But being mainly focused on this part of our immunity, the research did not discover this initial defence mechanism caused by DCA.

Another thing important to know is the steroid-like chemical structure of deoxycholic acid, because DCA works as an active hormone of our steroid system. It docks on the receptors of our autonomic nervous system, and behaves competitive to our corticoidal hormone group and to some other hormones as many sexual hormones. Supplementary to its role in immunity DCA has harmonizing effects on the autonomic nervous system, to be felt in many cases as a regulation of the bowel movement, normalisation of blood pressure, relief of physiological stress-symptoms and so on. DCA helps the body to slide into a state of recovery that is necessary for an effective and fast immune defence.

According to hundreds of results there is one thing that is known for sure by now. Only with a sufficiently high concentration of DCA in our tissues, an enough stable first immune defence can be built up. This is one of the main keys to a robust constitution. If we have a good health in that sense, many diseases as herpes or cancer have no chance to develop. But if the level of DCA drops below a minimum and that is a fact for many people in industrial nations we start to be prone to all kinds of infections, that normally would be easily fought by our immune system.

Stages of immune deficiency (DCA-avitaminosis)

So once again: The lower our natural DCA-level is, the more we are prone to all kinds of specific infections. We can observe different stages of a lack of DCA, which we also describe as the stages of a DCA-avitaminosis. The stages can be verified from everybody, and this way it is possible to draw conclusions on the condition of our unspecific immune system.

Stage1: A hindered DCA circulation causes disease symptoms of the autonomic nervous system
At this first stage of a not perfectly functioning DCA system we find disturbances that we (people in industrial nations) dont even recognize as disorders we misjudge them as inevitable weaknesses of our imperfect bodies. In this category we find all the symptoms that are based on single sided over-stimulation of the autonomic nervous system from to the DCA system antagonistic hormones (esp. corticoids). In this case the symptoms are high blood pressure, problems with blood circulation, insomnia, irritability and different problems with digestion as irregular bowel.

Stage 2: A slight DCA-avitaminosis leads to poor health
At this second stage we find a more serious disturbance of the DCA circulation or even a slightly lowered DCA production. Our immune defence is still good enough to fight severe diseases, but it is already too weak to compete up with the small everyday illnesses, that we love to suppress with palliative medicaments (no cure, just a repression on the symptom level). Examples would be diseases accompanied by fever, long term colds, acne, prolonged wound healing or warts.

Stage 3: An obvious DCA-avitaminosis leads to manifest diseases
At this stage our body produces definitely too small amounts of DCA. We get prone to diseases that are too obvious and painful to repress them, as they keep us from functioning in everyday life. In this category we find viral caused inflammation diseases as herpes or chickenpox as well as bacteria caused inflammations like otitis, sinusitis or infections of the urinal tract and neuralgias.

Stage 4: Severe DCA-avitaminosis leads to severe diseases
In this category we find diseases we probably would not get with an at least halfway stable unspecific immune system only if being exposed to extreme environmental toxins or a high dose (or highly infectious) causative agent. Often we can avoid these illnesses just with a basic knowledge about our immune system. Here we find many autoimmune diseases, chronic states, cancer and possibly AIDS.


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